About Us

We believe that our aim can only be achieved through a genuine legal partnership structure and a long-term investment in our people and tools.

We deliver innovation, solutions and results

For us, good legal advice is not good enough. We strive to find solutions to our clients’ problems and needs, rather than raise barriers to their goals. Each and every associate, uses his own unique set of skills, experience and mindset to deliver the best possible result and service, concentrating on the specific needs and expectations of every client.

We are with our clients for the long haul

Our goal, is to build and maintain long-term client relationships. Rather than just solve our clients’ legal problems or providing a single service and parting ways, we assist them, in order to accomplish their long-term needs and stay at their side all the way, protecting them and providing with every legal service necessary and suitable to fulfill their ambitions.

We respect the financial needs and sensitivities of our clients

Our goal is to add value, not unnecessary cost. Through understanding our clients’ businesses, we are able to respect their legal budgets and adjust them to our provided services, offering suitable and affordable solutions, while at the same time exploring alternative fee structures.

Global Presence & Clients to work with

Mertiri Legal Advisors

About Us

Mertiri Legal Advisors, is a leading Greek law office, based in Athens, Greece, recognized by local and international legal directories for its reputation within the market and the broad spectrum covered by its practice.

Our office, is well known for our in-depth understanding of clients´ businesses that enables us to deliver the quality of advice and service they expect.

Our practice areas, are led by prominent legal practitioners, who uniquely combine an international outlook with an in-depth knowledge of the local and global market and a commitment to problem solving.

Our main concern, is to create the appropriate legal strategy that reflects their vision and values, while creating the roadmap to get them where they want to be, while they remain carefree. By solving effectively complex and important legal issues, we ensure that all of our clients accomplish their objectives and instinctively turn to us, whenever they need support on their most important and challenging assignments


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Through our international expertise, we can handle successfully any client, within or outside national borders

Our office’s capabilities, expand beyond national borders, meeting our clients’ needs in every possible location. Through our network of affiliated law offices in key jurisdictions and business centres of the world (London, Cyprus, Albania, Dubai, Abu Dabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, China), we have developed extended experience in handling cases and transactions with international elements and characteristics. More than half of our individual and corporate clients come from different jurisdictions worldwide. Whether based in Greece or abroad, our international clients feel safe and know that their interests are protected in Greece even if they are thousands of kilometres away.

To achieve our vision, we maintain a team of experts, capable of delivering results and high quality legal services

Each and every associate, has a set of values and skills, which helps create a powerful, effective and resourceful team, capable of handling any case assigned, no matter it’s level of complexity. We continuously expand our horizons and professional expertise in order to adapt to our ever- changing legal, economic and commercial environment as well as to our clients’ diverse needs.

Our team excels in various areas of law practice, which, combined with our good knowledge of several foreign languages and extended network of professional partners worldwide, provides us a significant advantage in handling cross- border cases and dealing with foreign clients.

That is how our clients can rest assure, that their cases are handled by caring and devoted professionals, striving to achieve excellence and ever-lasting results
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We believe, that our aim can only be achieved through a genuine legal partnership structure and a long-term investment in our people and tools

These are the foundations, upon which we have built and continue to grow our practice, constantly attracting and developing new legal talent and expanding our firm, even during the Greek economic crisis of recent years.

At Mertiri Legal Advisors, we work in collaboration, around the clock and around the world – always ready, always on – to respond to the needs of our clients and craft powerful solutions for them.

We provide legal services throughout a variety of practice areas, helping clients address and anticipate challenges across vast and rapidly changing landscapes. And we approach every representation with an equal commitment to first understanding, and then efficiently and effectively advancing, the interests of our clients and arriving at the best results.
Our work and commitment to providing excellent service and finding innovative solutions covering a variety of law and business sectors has been recognised by our clients and independent commentators.