Other Services

Translations and Certification of documents

Translations prepared and certified by Greek lawyers are considered in Greece as official translations, and may therefore be used before and submitted to any Greek authority.

Our team is fluent in Greek, English, Russian and French, and may officially translate any document to and from these languages in official certified form.

Our lawyers also certify copies of any type of document and such certified copies may be used and submitted to any judicial or other authority, as well as any private natural person or legal entity in Greece.

Our firm may further assists in researching and obtaining official documents from Greek authorities. More particularly, we often assist Greeks residing in Greece or abroad (Greeks of the “Diaspora” / “Omogenia”) in locating documents from Greek civil registries, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of criminal record, or from land registry offices (cadastral offices) such as property titles.

Power of Attorney and Representation in Greece

Our team assists in drafting powers of attorney, authorizing us, or a person of the client’s choice to effect specific actions in his/her name and on behalf, or to represent the client before all or any public or private person.

In addition to drafting the document, our firm may arrange an appointment for the execution of such power of attorney either before a Greek Notary or a Greek Consulate abroad.

We also represent our clients before Greek authorities, as well as private persons in Greece for any specific matter or generally for securing their rights in Greece. More particularly, we often represent Greeks residing in Greece or abroad (Greeks of the “Diaspora” / “Omogenia”) before Greek authorities in order to file or research births, marriages and deaths, as well as for property matters, inheritance cases and judicial proceedings.

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