Real Estate

Real Estate
In Mertiri Legal Advisors, we possess the necessary skills and know-how to ensure all-encompassing legal support to its clients in every step of pursuing an investment in real estate property. We represent a wide variety of developers, lenders, as well as local and international investors. We advise clients on the full array of complex issues arising in this industry, including acquisitions, disposals, due diligence, development, planning, projects and construction. We have enhanced knowledge of the Greek real property market and the issues associated with due diligence and transaction structuring, negotiation and implementation.
Our office, has comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all issues relating to:
Cadastral registration of properties located in Greece

The Greek National Cadastre (Land Registry, in Greek called “Ktimatologio”) is a unified and constantly updated record of legal, technical and other rights and information regarding immovable properties situated in Greece and it aims to create a modern registration system and to replace the previously existing system of registration at the Mortgage Registries, ensuring publicity and security of transactions related with immovable properties.

The process of registration of Greek immovable properties at the Greek Cadastre has been undergoing in already for several years now and it is effected per geographic region in phases.

In several regions the registration process has already been completed, whilst in other regions the process has not yet begun or is currently in process.

Our team has vast experience in cadastral registrations and is often engaged by Greeks residing in Greece or abroad (Greeks of the “Diaspora” / “Omogenia”) in order to carry out the registration, including, where this is necessary in researching and obtaining property titles at the land registries or mortgage registries.