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Non- European Union citizens have the possibility to apply for a 2 year residence permit in Greece, provided that they are considered financially independent.

Who can benefit from this program?

Persons who demonstrate that they have the requisite income in order to be qualified as financially independent may apply for a residence permit in Greece, valid for 2 years, and which may be renewed (provided that the requirements are still met at the time of renewal).

This type of residence permit, allows the beneficiary to reside legally in Greece, provided that he is not allowed to exercise any professional or business activity in Greece, either as an employee or an independent professional. Such person may also travel within the Schengen area, for periods not exceeding 3 months per 6 month periods.

There is no minimum amount of time that the holder of a residence permit for financially independent persons is required to stay in Greece per year, and long absences from Greece do not obstruct the renewal of such residence permit.

The financially independent person benefitting from this residence permit, may be accompanied by his family.

Who is considered as “family” for the purposes of this residence permit?
The spouse and the children under the age of 18 years old are considered as family members for the purpose of this residence permit, and may apply for a residence permit as dependents of the financially independent person, provided that the financial criteria are met.

What are the requirements regarding the income?
The minimum financial requirement in order to meet the criteria for financially independent persons are set by ministerial decision.

Currently, this amount is set at a minimum of 2000 euros per month, for the main applicant.

In case the main applicant is accompanied by family members, the required amount is increased by 20 % for the spouse and 15 % per each child.

The income may be proved by providing evidence of receiving a pension abroad, of having a bank account or other sufficient own financial means, of a legal origin, to cover their living expenses without being required to provide employed work or exercise an independent business profession in Greece.

What is the procedure to be followed?
As a first step, the applicant must apply and obtain a type D visa, at the Greek Consulate at the place of his or her permanent residence abroad.
Thereafter, the applicant must apply for a residence permit for financially independent persons at the competent Migration Department in Greece.
Upon submission of the application file at the competent Migration Department in Greece, the applicant receives a provisional residence permit, allowing him or her to enter and reside legally in Greece, until the examination of his/ her file.
Finally, upon examination of the application by the competent authorities, the permanent residence permit is issued.

How we may assist you:
Our office is ready to assist you both in the process of obtaining the visa D, by providing legal advice and assistance in connection with the preparation of the application file and documents and communicating with the Consulate, as well as with the application in Greece for the residence permit at the competent Migration Department.
In addition, we may assist you with finding and renting a property in Greece (if required), opening a bank account, and generally we may support you with any legal or administrative procedure in Greece.

This document does not constitute legal advice. For additional information and advice on the above, please contact us


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